Working animals by Constant Troyon

The French artist Constant Troyon (1810-1865) specialized himself in landscapes which predominantly show working animals.

O francês Constant Troyon (1810-1865) especializou-se em paisagens onde predominam animais de trabalho.

Constant Troyon (1810-1865)-‘cattle grazing in Touraine’-oil on canvas-(1854-1857)    Edinburgh-Scottish National Gallery

Constant Troyon (1810-1865)-‘cattle ploughing’-oil on canvas    Paisley-Museum and Art Gallery

Constant Troyon (1810-1865)-‘cattle in storming whether’-oil on panel-1857    London-Wallace collection

Constant Troyon (1810-1865)-‘cattle in pasture’-oil on canvas    Wellesley (Mass.)-Davis Museum and Cultural Center

Constant Troyon (1810-1865)-‘cattle ploughing in the early morning’-oil on canvas-1855    Paris-Musée d’Orsay


Water carriers

Water was carried in different kinds of containers when houses had no piped water. Women were usually the water carriers.

Nas habitações sem água canalizada transportavam-na em diversos recipientes e para tal utilizavam principalmente mulheres.

Frank Duveneck (1848-1919)-‘water carrier, Venice’-oil on canvas-1884    Washington-Smithsonian American Art Museum

Leopold Carl Müller (1834-1892)-‘the water carrier’-oil on canvas-1880    Private collection

Sergey Yvanovich Gribkov (1820-1893)-‘the water carrier’-oil on canvas-1873    Sumy-Regional Art Museum

Constant Troyon (1810-1865)-‘water carriers’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Edwin Lord Weeks (1849-1903)-‘water carrier of the Ganges’-oil on canvas    Private collection


Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran

The American Thomas Moran (1837-1926) painted details of Grand Canyon, a large area shaped by the Colorado River in Arizona.

O norte-americano Thomas Moran (1837-1926) pintou pormenores do Grande Canyon, extensa área moldada pelo rio Colorado no Estado do Arizona.

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)-‘Grand Canyon’-oil on canvas-1904    Private collection

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)-‘Grand Canyon’-oil on canvas-1921    Private collection

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)-‘Grand Canyon’-oil on canvas-1908    Private collection

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)-‘Grand Canyon’-oil on canvas-1912    Kanzas City-Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)-‘the Grand Canyon-Hance Trail’-oil on canvas-1922    Private collection


Bacchus by Charles-Joseph Natoire

God Bacchus, his companion and his escorts are present in the themes of French artist Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777).

Deus Baco, sua companheira e acompanhantes encontram-se presentes nos temas do francês Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777).

Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777)-‘bacchanal’-oil on canvas-ca 1749    Houston-Museum of Fine Arts

Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777)-‘Bacchus and Ariadne’-oil on canvas-1745    Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777)-‘Bacchus and Ariadne’-oil on canvas-1742    St Petersburg-Hermitage

Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777)-‘Bacchants and Satyrs’-oil on canvas-(1738-1750)    Glasgow-Museums

Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777)-‘the triumph of Bacchus’-oil on canvas-1736    Private collection


Venice by Frank Duvenek

Born in the state of Kentucky, Frank Duvenek (1848-1919) painted little-known aspects of Venice.

Nascido no estado do Kentucky, Frank Duvenek (1848-1919) pintou aspetos pouco conhecidos de Veneza.

Frank Duvenek (1848-1919)-‘Gran canal in Venice’-oil on canvas-1883    Private collection

Frank Duvenek (1848-1919)-‘ship in Gran canal’-oil on canvas-1881    Private collection

Frank Duvenek (1848-1919)-‘Venetian fruit market’-oil on canvas-1884    Private collection

Frank Duvenek (1848-1919)-‘a venetian shrine’-oil on canvas-1885    Cincinnati-Art Museum

Frank Duvenek (1848-1919)-‘washerwomen, Venice’-oil on canvas-1885    Private collection


Girls by Thomas Kent Pelham

The British artist Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891) painted young women from different European nationalities.

O britânico Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891) pintou jovens de várias nacionalidades europeias.

Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891)-‘classical group’-oil on canvas

Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891)-‘the gossips’

Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891)-‘Sicilian girls’-oil on canvas

Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891)-‘Venetian balcony scenes’-oil on canvas-1859    Gateshead (UK)-Shipley Art Gallery

Thomas Kent Pelham (fl 1860-1891)-‘fisherwomen of the Basque province’-oil on canvas-1875    Cardiff-Amgueddfa Cymru


Maritime themes by Ludolf Backhuysen

The Dutch artist Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708) painted almost exclusively maritime themes with different types of boats.

O holandês Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708) pintou quase exclusivamente temas marítimos com diversos tipos de barcos.

Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708)-‘the Eendracht and Dutch fleet of men-of-war before the wind’-ca 1670    London-National Gallery

Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708)-‘the warship Brielle on the Maas before Rotterdam’-oil on canvas-1689    Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708)-‘the merchant shipping anchorage in the Texel with Texel island and Oudeschins to the North.-west’-oil on canvas-1665    Greenwich-National Maritime Museum

Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708)-‘boats on a storm’-oil on canvas-1696    London-Dulwich Picture Gallery

Ludolf Backhuysen (1630-1708)-‘the merchant shipping anchorage Southwest of Texel’-1861    Private collection


People in the fields by Adrian Ludwig Richter

The German artist Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884) used motifs of countryside people and of people who were passing by.

O germânico Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884) pintou temas de gente do campo e de pessoas que por lá passam.

Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884)-‘Ave-Maria’-oil on canvas-1834

Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884)-‘bridal procession on a Spring landscape’-oil on canvas-1847    Dresden-Gemäldegakerie

Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884)-‘the fright stone with Aussig’-oil on canvas

Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884)-‘Spring evening’-oil on canvas

Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884)-‘St Annen church to barley groats in Bohemia’-oil on panel-1836    Hanover-Niedersachsiche Landesgalerie


Symbols by Abraham Janssens

The Flemish Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632) left paintings with allegorical motifs and also motifs from Greek mythology.

O flamengo Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632) deixou pinturas com motivos alegóricos e da mitologia grega.

Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632)-‘mount Olympus (Virgil; Aeneid, X, 1-14)’-oil on canvas    München-Alte Pinakothek

Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632)-‘Heracles, Pan and Omfal’-1607

Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632)-‘allegory of the four Elements’-oil on panel    Private collection

Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632)-‘Scaldis and Antwerpia’-ca 1609    Antwerp-Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten

Follower of Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen (ca 1567-1632)-‘young ruler in the wake of six girls, a bowl of flowers bearing’-oil on panel


On horseback by Wilhelm von Kobell

The German artist Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855) painted scenes with saddle horses.

O germânico Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855) pintou cenas com cavalos de sela.

Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855)-‘horse market’-watercolor    Frankfurt am Main-Graphische Sammlung Stadel Museum

Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855)-‘cattle market before a large city, on a lake’-watercolor-1820    Wien-Graphische Sammlung Albertina  

Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855)-‘Gentleman on Horseback and Country Girl on the Banks of the Isar near Munich’-watercolor-1831    Berlin-Gemäldegalerie

Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855)-‘view of the lake Tegern’-oil on canvas-1833    München-Neue Pinakothek

Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell (1766-1855)-‘the siege of Cosel’-oil on canvas-1808    München-Neue Pinakothek