Family scenes by H. Oehmichen

The German artist Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1932) painted scenes with families.

O germânico Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1932) pintou temas familiares.

Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1932)-‘Christmas presents’-1882

Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1932)-‘the Sunday mass’-oil on canvas-1872     Private collection

Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1932)-‘the fair’-oil on canvas     Private collection

 Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1932)-‘the clarinet player’

Hugo Oehmichen (1843.1932)-‘the sewing lesson’-oil on canvas      Private collection


Egypt by Ippolito Caffi

The Italian artist Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866) travelled across Muslim countries in Africa and Asia.

O italiano Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866) viajou por países muçulmanos de África e Ásia.

Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866)-‘Karnak in Thebes’

Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866)-‘a caravan fleeing from a desert simoon near the Sphinx’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866)-‘caravan resting in the desert’-tempera on posterboard     Private collection

Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866)-‘the Isthmus of Suez’-ca 1845     Venezia-Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna de Ca’ Pesaro

Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866)-‘Egypt. Bazaar shawls in Alexandria’-ca 1844      Venezia-Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna de Ca’ Pesaro


Workers’ day

On May 1st we celebrate the “workers’ day”, regardless of the nature of the work.

No 1.º de Maio comemora-se o ‘Dia do Trabalhador’, qualquer que seja a natureza do mesmo.

Thomas William ‘Tom’ Roberts (1856-1931)-‘the golden fleece’-oil on canvas-1854     Sydney-Art Gallery of New South Wales

Erik Henningsen (1856-1931)-‘a wounded worker’-1895

Thomas Pollock Anschutz (1855-1912)-‘iron workers at noontime’-1882

Max Liebermann (1847-1935)-‘the flax barn in Laren’-1887

Jacob Willemszoon de Wet the Elder (1632-1675)-‘parable of the workers on the vineyard’-oil on panel     Budapest-Szepmuveszeti Muzeum


Women and men by E. J. Baumann

Women and men are a constant element in the painting of Jerichau Elisabeth Baumann (1819-1881).

Mulheres e homens encontram-se presentes na pintura de Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819-1881).

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819-1881)-‘Sunday evening’-oil on canvas-1858     Briton / Hove (UK)-Museums and Art Galleries

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819-1881)-‘a wounded Danish soldier’-oil on canvas-1865     Copenhagen-Statens Museum for Kunst

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819-1881)-‘Edyptian fellah woman with her child’-oil on canvas-1872     Copenhagen-Statens Museum for Kunst

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819-1881)-‘an Egyptian pottery seller near Gizeh’-oil on canvas-ca 1876     Private collection

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819-1881)-‘young Italian woman dressed for the Carnival’-oil on canvas-1850     Private collection


19th century USA by J. F, Richardt

The American artist Joachim Ferdinand Richard (1819-1895) pointed out some aspects of his country.

O norte-americano Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895) assinalou aspetos do seu país.

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895)-‘view of the Mount Vernon’-1858

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895)-‘view of the Mississipi’-1865

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895)-‘view of the Hetchn Hetchy (Yosemite)’

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895)-‘Bolton, Lake George’

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895)-‘Independence Hall in Philadelphia’-ca 1858


Swedish themes by E. F. Jansson

The Swedish Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915) painted themes concerning his country.

O sueco Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915) pintou assuntos do seu país.

Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915)-‘Gripsholm castle’-1881

Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915)-‘at the piano’-1886

Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915)-‘at the forest’s edge’-oil on panel

Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915)-‘boys at the beach’

Eugène Fredrik Jansson (1862-1915)-‘summer evening’-1892


Shakespeare by E. A. Abbey

The British Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911) used themes related to Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

O britânico Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911) usou temas relacionados com sonetos e peças teatrais de Shakespeare

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)-‘King Lear: Cordelia’s farewell’-oil on canvas-1898     New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)-‘Hamlet play scene’-1897

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)-‘fair is my love’-oil on canvas-1900     Preston (Lancashire)-Harris Museum and Art Gallery    

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)—‘the Queen in Hamlet’-1895

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)-‘head of Ophelia’


Norvegians by F. Smith-Hald

The Norwegian artist Frithjof Smith-Half (1846-1903) was inspired by themes about his country.

O norueguês Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903) deixou pinturas com temas do seu país.

Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903)-‘winter’-oil on canvas-1878     Goteborg-Konstmuseum

Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903)-‘by land with their catch’-1892

Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903)-‘winter day by the Fjord’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903)-‘after rain’-oil on canvas

Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903)-‘sunset at the Harbor’     Mexico City-Museo Soumeya


Muslim scenes by A. von Ferraris

The Hungarian artist Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936) represented scenes of the Islamic world.

O húngaro Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936) representou cenas do mundo islâmico.

Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936)-‘Cairo street’-1892

Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936)-‘a captive audience, Cairo’-1936

Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936)-‘driving a bargain’-oil on panel     Private collection

Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936)-‘negotiations in the market place’

Arthur von Ferraris (1856-1936)-‘blind man at the Mosque’-oil on panel      Private collection


Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery has numerous high quality paintings.

Manchester Art Gallery possui inúmeras pinturas de grande qualidade.

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)-‘Hylas and Nymphs’-oil on canvas-1896

William Etty (the Sirens and Ulysses)-oil on canvas-1825

William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)-‘the hireling shepherd’-oil on canvas.1851

Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893)-‘work’-oil on canvas-1865

Annie Louise Swynnerton (1844-1933)-‘the town of Sienna’