Black women by Harry Herman Roseland

The American artist Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950) painted several themes which represent black women carrying out various activities.

O norte-americano Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950) pintou diversos temas onde representa mulheres pretas em várias atividades.

Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950)-‘reading cards’-oil on canvas-1893    Private collection

Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950)-‘the palm reader’-oil on canvas-1898    Private collection

Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950)-‘the fortune teller (it’s all in the cards)’ -oil on canvas    Private collection

Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950)-‘reading the tea leaves’-oil on canvas-1910    Private collection

Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950)-‘the dressmaker’-oil on canvas-1900    Private collection


Seaports by Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey

The French Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886) painted several themes with seaports.

O francês Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886) pintou diversos temas sobre portos marítimos.

Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886)-‘coastal landscape with boats and constructions’-oil on panel   Private collection

Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886)-‘port scene’-oil on canvas-1861  

Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886)-‘riders on the beach with ships’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886)-‘hurricane before Saint Malo, France’-oil on canvas-1860    Private collection

Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey (1803-1886)-‘a Brittany port’-oil on canvas-ca 1860    Private collection


Spring by Evariste Carpentier

The Belgian realist painter Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922) left rural themes related to spring.

O pintor realista belga Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922) deixou temas campestres subordinados à Primavera.

Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922)-‘the small pond’

Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922)-‘love is in the air’-1900

Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922)-‘pillow talk’-1892

Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922)-‘young girl with goat’

Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922)-‘young girl on the fields’


Dunes and beaches by Hermann Seeger

The German artist Hermann Seeger (1857-1920) painted mostly girls and young men on beach dunes.

O germânico Hermann Seeger (1857-1920) pintou principalmente moças e jovens nas dunas das praias.

Hermann Seeger (1857-1920)-‘girls in the beach’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Hermann Seeger (1857-1920)-‘in the dunes’-oil on canvas  

Hermann Seeger (1857-1920)-‘music in the dunes’-oil on canvas  

Hermann Seeger (1857-1920)-‘two girls among the sand dunes’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Hermann Seeger (1857-1920)-‘on the beach’-oil on canvas    Private collection



The reverie theme, particularly with women, has been used by many painters.

O tema do devaneio, principalmente feminino, tem sido usado por diversos pintores.

Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924)-‘reverie’-1866    Pittsfield (Mass.)-Berkshire Museum

Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922)-‘girl near the stream’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Rogelio de Egusquiza (1845-1915)-‘a reverie during the ball’-oil on canvas-1879    Private collection

 Robert Lewis Reid (1862-1929)-‘reverie’-oil on canvas-1890    Private collection

Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924)-‘reverie’-1899


Flowery fields by William Affleck

The British watercolourist William Affleck (1869-1943) devoted his work to motifs about children and young women in flowery fields.

O aguarelista britânico William Affleck (1869-1943) dedicou-se temas com crianças e mulheres jovens em campos floridos.

William Affleck (1869-1943)-‘woman in her garden’- watercolour    Private collection

William Affleck (1869-1943)-‘a distant reverie’- watercolour and bodycolour     Private collection

William Affleck (1869-1943)-‘young girl in a cottage garden’- watercolour heightened with bodycolour    Private collection

William Affleck (1869-1943)-‘picking wild flowers’    Private collection

William Affleck (1869-1943)-‘gathering summer flowers’-watercolour    Private collection


Survival by Frederick Morgan

The British artist Frederick Morgan (1847-1927) specialized in domestic life, countryside, and children motifs.

O britânico Frederick Morgan (1847-1927) especializou-se em assuntos de vida doméstica, do campo e das crianças.

Frederick Morgan (1847-1927)-‘midday rest’-oil on canvas-1879    Private collection

Frederick Morgan (1847-1927)-‘not on the fold’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Frederick Morgan (1847-1927)-‘happy as the days are long’-oil on canvas-1882    Private collection

Frederick Morgan (1847-1927)-‘haymakers’

Frederick Morgan (1847-1927)-‘apple gathering’-oil on canvas-1880    Private collection


New York by Guy Carleton Wiggins

Winter in New York was a motif of concern to the American painter Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962).

O tema do inverno em Nova Iorque preocupou o pintor norte-americano Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962).

Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962)-‘cables at the Plaza’

Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962)-‘first snowfall at the season’

Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962)-‘holiday time at Wollman Rink’

Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962)-‘storm lifting over Wall Street’

Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962)-‘winter at the Metropolitan’


Rural women

Peasant women in any region have always had a difficult life before the 20th century technological progress.

As camponesas de qualquer região tiveram sempre vida difícil antes do progresso tecnológico do séc. XX.

Julien Dupré (1851-1910)-‘woman pouring a drink’-1882

William Kay Blacklock (1872-1924)-‘a Dutch idyll’-oil on canvas

Harry Herman Roseland (ca 1867-1950)-‘an important letter’-oil on canvas-1898    Private collection

Charles Sprague Pearce (1851-1914)-‘girl with grape baskets’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Julien Dupré (1851-1910)-‘in the farmyard’



Fireplaces, the place where firewood was burned to heat the room or cook, were common to all types of houses.

As lareiras, locais onde se queimava lenha para aquecer o ambiente ou cozinhar, foram comuns a todo o tipo de casa.

James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836-1902)-‘the fireplace’-oil on canvas-ca 1869

Endre Komaromi-Kacz (1880-1969)-‘the fireplace’

Henry Mosler (1841-1920)-‘chimney corner’    Cincinnati-Art Museum

David Teniers II (1610-1690)-‘peasants reading a letter, drinking and smoking in an inn, figures in a fireplace beyond’-oil on canvas

Frederick Childe Hassan (1859-1935)-‘the fireplace’-1912    Private collection