Paris suburb by Luis Jiménez y Aranda

The Spanish-born French Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928), after studying in Seville at the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, was in Rome before settling in Pontoise.

O espanhol naturalizado francês Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928) depois de ter estudado em Sevilha na Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel da Hungria, esteve em Roma antes de se instalar em Pontoise.

Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928)-‘washerwomen on a river bank’

Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928)-‘the banques of the Oise’-watercolor

Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928)-‘the garden of Pontoise’-1892

Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928)-‘in the studio’

Luis Jiménez y Aranda (1845-1928)-‘goings-on’


Greek goddesses by Jacopo Amigoni

The Greek goddesses associated with marriage and love are best known by their Latin names; Hera became Juno; Aphrodite came to be called Venus.

As deusas gregas ligadas ao casamento e ao amor são mais conhecidas pelos nomes latinos; Hera tornou-se Juno; Afrodite passou a chamar-se Vénus.

Jacopo Amigoni (1682-1752)-‘Juno receiving the head of Argos’-ca 1730    Rickmansworth (Hertfordshire)-Moor Park Mansion

Jacopo Amigoni (1682-1752)-‘Venus and Adonis’-oil on canvas-ca 1740    Venice Galleria dell’Accademia

Jacopo Amigoni (1682-1752)-‘the birth of Venus’-oil on canvas

Jacopo Amigoni (1682-1752)-‘Venus and Adonis’ München. Alte Pinakothek

Jacopo Amigoni (1682-1752)-‘Venus and Adonis’-oil on canvas Private collection


Biblical murder: Jael and Sisera

In the 16th and 17th centuries several painters used Sisera's death by Jael as a homicide motif.

Nos séculos XVI e XVII vários pintores utilizaram como tema de homicídio a morte de Sisera por Jael.

Felice Ficherelli (1605-1660)-‘Yael and Sisera (she nailed a stake through his head)’

Domenico Guidobono (1668-1746)-‘Jael and Sisera’ Torino (Palazzo Madama)-Museo Civico d’Arte Antica

James Northcote (1746-1831)-‘Jael and Sisera’-oil on canvas-1787 London-Royal Academy of Arts

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652)-‘Jael killing the warlord Sisera’

Jacopo Negretti aka Palma il Giovane (1550-1628)-‘Yael killing Sisera’


Old Spain by Eugenio Lucas y Villamil

This is the Spanish artist Eugenio Lucas y Villamil’s (1858-1918) view on his country at his time.

Eis a visão do espanhol Eugenio Lucas y Villamil (1858-1918) da vida do seu país na época em que viveu.

Eugenio Lucas y Villamil (1858-1918)-‘the Plaza de toros’

Eugenio Lucas y Villamil (1858-1918)-‘off the Plaza de toros’

Eugenio Lucas y Villamil (1858-1918)-’greeting’

Eugenio Lucas y Villamil (1858-1918)-‘arriving at the theatre on a night of masque ball’

Eugenio Lucas y Villamil (1858-1918)-‘chaparron the rain shower’


Rest and work by Albert Ritzberger

The work and rest of female elements were present in the paintings of the Austrian artist Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915).

Os trabalhos e descanso de elementos do sexo feminino estiveram presentes na obra do austríaco Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915).

Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915)-‘reapers’ resting’-1887

Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915)-‘a reclining women reading’

Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915)-‘young girl at a stream’

Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915)-‘love’s oracle’

Albert Ritzberger (1853-1915)-‘woman on the sofa’


Rome and Venice by Ludwig Johan Passini

The Austrian artist Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903) painted Italian motifs, namely about the cities of Rome and Venice.

O austríaco Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903) pintou temas italianos, nomeadamente das cidades de Roma e Veneza.

Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903)-‘the Greek Café in Rome’

Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903)-‘Rome, street scene’

Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903)-‘Sant’Angelo in Pscheria’

Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903)-‘Venice, Riva dei Schiavoni’

Ludwig Johan Passini (1832-1903)-‘figures in a venetian canal’


Rabbits and children by Felix Schlesinger

The German artist Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910) painted several scenes with children playing and feeding rabbits.

O germânico Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910) pintou diversas cenas com crianças a brincar e alimentar coelhos.

Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)-‘two children playing with rabbits’-oil on panel     Private collection

Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)-‘an unwelcome visitor’ Private collection

Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)-’playing with rabbit’-oil on board  

Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)-‘feeding the rabbit’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)-‘girl and boy with rabbit in the barn’


Villager worker by Julius Köckert

The German artist Julius Köckert (1827-1918) painted motifs related to peasant activities.

O germânico Julius Köckert (1827-1918) pintou temas relacionados com atividades campesinas.

Julius Köckert (1827-1918)-‘the catch in the high mountains’

Julius Köckert (1827-1918)-‘harvest time’

Julius Köckert (1827-1918)-‘Sennerin’

Julius Köckert (1827-1918)-merry sleigh ride’

Julius Köckert (1827-1918)-‘peasant afternoon’


Brittany Sea by Jules-Achille Noël

The Frenchman Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881) painted some works with motifs from the sea of the coast of Brittany.

O francês Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881) pintou alguns temas com motivos do mar da costa da Bretanha.

Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881)-‘Napoleon III receiving Queen Victoria at Cherbourg, 5 August 1858’-oil on canvas-1896    Private collection

Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881)-‘Brittany (Bretagne)’-oil on canvas-1859    Greenwich-National Maritime Museum

Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881)-‘fisher folk on the coast’

Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881)-‘the beach at Treport’-1876

Jules-Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881)-‘Breton fishing boat’-oil on canvas-1868    Private collection


United Kingdom

In Victorian times many British painters left their testimony about social environment.

Na época vitoriana muitos pintores britânicos deixaram o seu testemunho do ambiente social.

Alfred Morgan (1862-1904)-‘an omnibus ride to Piccadilly [Mr. Gladstone (PM) travelling with ordinary passengers]’-1885

Edmund John Niemann (1813-1876)-‘Bristol Harbour’

George Turner (1841-1910)-‘Monsa Dale, Derbyshire’-1896    Private collection

Benjamin Evans Ward (1857-1933)-‘London flower girls, Piccadilly Circus’-oil on canvas-1895    Private collection

Alfred Montague (1832-1883)-‘Eton College from the river’