Napoleon I by François Leopold Flameng

The Frenchman François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922) painted many themes related to the public and private life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

O francês François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922) pintou diversos temas relacionados com a vida pública e privada de Napoleão Bonaparte.

François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922)-‘Napoleon and his staff reviewing the mounted chasseurs on the Imperial Guard’-oil on canvas

François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922)-‘reception of Napoleon I on Isola Bella on the 5th year of being power’-oil on canvas

François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922)-‘Napoleon I hunting in the Forest of Fontainebleau, 1807’-oil on canvas

François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922)-‘Napoleon I and the king of Rome at Sant-Cloud in 1811’-oil on canvas

François Leopold Flameng (1856-1922)-‘Napoleon after the battle of Waterloo’-oil on panel    Private collection


Scottish Highlands by William Langley

The British artist William Langley (1852-1922) painted numerous motifs with  lakes and cows in the Highlands of Scotland.

O britânico William Langley (1852-1922) pintou numerosos motivos de lagos e vacas nas Terras Altas da Escócia.

William Langley (1852-1922)-‘Loch Katrine, Scotland’-oil on canvas-ca 1885

William Langley (1852-1922)-‘Loch Lomond, Scotland’-oil on canvas-ca 1885

William Langley (1852-1922)-‘Loch Elk’-oil on canvas

William Langley (1852-1922)-‘cattle watering in a lake landscape’-oil on canvas  

William Langley (1852-1922)-‘the Pass of Brander, Argyll and Bute’-oil on canvas    South Shields-Museum


Great Britain by William W. Gosling

The British William W. Gosling (1824-1883) painted landscapes which show rural work and pleasant places of Great Britain.

O britânico William W. Gosling (1824-1883) pintou paisagens onde mostra trabalhos rurais e locais agradáveis da Grã-Bretanha.

William W. Gosling (1824-1883)-‘boy fishing from a bridge, Haddon Hall beyond’-oil on canvas

William W. Gosling (1824-1883)-‘a hot day in the harvest field’-oil on canvas

William W. Gosling (1824-1883)-‘the Thames at Shiplake Lock, Oxford shire’-oil on canvas

William W. Gosling (1824-1883)-‘a tranquil river’-oil on canvas

William W. Gosling (1824-1883) –‘river scene with a men in a punt’-oil on canvas


Egypt by Federico Ballesio

The Italian artist Federico Ballesio (1860-1923) was one of the painters who, in the 19th century, followed the trend called Orientalism.

O italiano Federico Ballesio (1860-1923) foi um dos pintores que, no séc. XIX, seguiu a corrente denominada orientalismo.

Federico Ballesio (1860-1923)-‘an iddle afternoon’-watercolor on paper    Private collection

Federico Ballesio (1860-1923)-‘at the bazaar’-oil on canvas

Federico Ballesio (1860-1923)-‘the carpet Merchant’-oil on canvas

Federico Ballesio (1860-1923)-‘flirting with the carpet seller’-oil on canvas

Federico Ballesio (1860-1923)-‘the carpet seller’-watercolor on paper    Private collection


Christianity by John Rogers Herbert

The British artist John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890), one of the most notable precursors of pre-Raphaelitism, painted scenes related to Jesus Christ and to his followers.

O britânico John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890), um dos mais notáveis percursores do pre-rafaelismo, pintou cenas relacionadas com Jesus Cristo e seus seguidores.

John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890)-‘the youth of Our Lord’-oil on canvas-1847

John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890)-’the flight from the sword of Herod’-oil on canvas-1880

John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890)-‘outside of Jerusalem’-oil on canvas-1878

John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890)-‘valley of Moses in the desert of Sinay’-oil on canvas-1868    London-Royal Academy

John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890)-‘laborare et orare’-oil on canvas-1868


Andalusia by Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano

The Spanish Romantic painter of Seville Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891) devoted much of his work using motifs about Andalusia. Queen Elizabeth II named the artist her honorary painter.

O pintor romântico espanhol de Sevilha Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891) dedicou grande parte dos seus trabalhos aos motivos da Andaluzia. A rainha Isabel II nomeou-o seu pintor honorário.

Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891)-‘at the Seville fair’-oil on canvas    Malaga-Museo Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza

Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891)-‘at the Torrijos pilgrimage’-oil on canvas    Malaga-Museo Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza

Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891)-‘Good Friday procession in Seville’-oil on canvas-1855  

Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891)-‘party at the farm’-oil on canvas  

Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano (1827-1891)-‘death of Carmen’-oil on canvas-1890  



A serenade is a set of musical excerpts played and sung at night and dedicated to one or more young girls.

Por serenata entende-se um conjunto de trechos musicais tocados e cantados à noite e dedicados a uma ou mais moças.

Eugene de Blaas (1843-1932)-‘the serenade’-oil on canvas-1910

George Goodwin Kilburne (1839-1924)-‘an Italian serenade’-watercolor

Cesare Auguste Detti (1847-1914)-‘the serenade’-oil on canvas

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garretta (1841-1920)-‘the serenade’-oil on canvas

Antonio Zoppi (1860-1926)-‘the serenade’-oil on canvas


London by John MacVicar Anderson

London, including monuments and the city view of the Thames, deserved particular attention on the part of the British artist John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915).

Londres, nomeadamente monumentos e a cidade vista do Tamisa, mereceram particular atenção por parte do britânico John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915).

John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915)-‘view of Westminster from Laqmbeth’-oil on canvas-1859

John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915)-‘London panorama’-oil on canvas

John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915)-‘Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, London seen from the river’-oil on canvas-1872    London-Museum

John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915)-‘view of London’-oil on canvas

John MacVicar Anderson (1835-1915)-‘a view of Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament’-oil on canvas


Paris by Henri Victor Lesur

Predominate flowers in painting French Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900), in time which sometimes was not his.

Predominam as flores na pintura do francês Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900), em época que por vezes não foi a sua.

Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900)-‘the flower seller along the Seine’-oil on panel    Private collection

Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900)-‘the flower seller, Tuileries’-oil on panel    Private collection

Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900)-‘flirtatuon’-oil on panel    Private collection

Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900)-‘la Porte Neuve. Paris’-oil on panel    Private collection

Henri Victor Lesur (1863-1900)-‘the flower seller’-oil on panel


Bygone scenes by Thomas Faed

The British Thomas Faed (1826-1900) was concerned with many social motifs where children were present.

O britânico Thomas Faed (1826-1900) preocupou-se com diversos temas sociais onde as crianças estavam presentes.

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘home and homeless’-oil on canvas-1856    Edinburgh- National Gallery of Scotland

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘Sunday in the Backwoods’-oil on canvas-1858    Wolverhampton (UK)-Art Gallery

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘the end of a happy day’-oil on canvas

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘when the day is done’-oil on canvas-1870    Edinburgh-Royal Scottish Academy

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘visit of patron and patroness to the village school’-oil on board-1852    Dundee City (UK)-Art Galleries and Museums