Orthodox Churches by Ferdinand-Victor Perrot

The French Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841) lived and died in St. Petersburg where he painted its churches.

O francês Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841) habitou e faleceu em São Petersburgo onde pintou as suas igrejas.

Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841)-‘Church of Our Lady of Vladimir’

Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841)-‘St Andrew on Bolshoi Prospect of Vasilyevsky Island’-1841    Moscow-Pushkin Museum

Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841)-‘Cathedral of St Nicholas’

Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841)-‘view of the Smolny Convent’

Ferdinand-Victor Perrot (1808-1841)-‘view of Sennaya square’


Flower vendor in Paris by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Painters such as Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935) expressed interest in documenting the selling of flowers on the streets of major European cities.

Pintores como Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935) manifestaram interesse em documentar a venda de flores nas ruas das grandes cidades europeias.

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935)-‘the flower market, Paris’

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935)-‘the Lower market, Paris’-1881

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935)-‘flower and fruit seller in a Paris square’

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935)’Place du Palais Royal, raining day’-1900

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935)-‘the young flowers seller’



Public gardens and gardens belonging to wealthy people display different floral and landscape settings when compared with small gardens from modest people.

Os jardins públicos e os das pessoas abastadas apresentam configurações paisagísticas e florais muito diversas das que possuem os pequenos jardins familiares de gente modesta.

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935)-‘celebrating the beauty of the incredible edible’

Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro (1830-1903)-‘mother and child in the flowers’

Johann Hamza (1850-1927)-‘garden in full bloom’-oil on panel

Antal László Neogrády (1861-1942)-‘the little garden’

Severin Nilson (1846-1918)-‘scenes from Halland’-1882



Lloyd Cyril Elgood (1893-1970), a historian of Persian medicine, attributes the invention of the hookah to Irfan Shaikh, the physician of Akbar I (1542-1605), Mogul Emperor. However, Ahli Shirazi (-1535), a Persian poet, mentions its use during the reign of Sultan Tahmasp I (1514-1576).

Cyril Lloyd Elgood (1893-1970), historiador da medicina persa, atribui a invenção do hookah a Irfan Shaikh, físico de Akbar I (1542-1605), imperador Mogul. Contudo, Ahli Shirazi ( -1535), poeta persa, menciona o seu uso no reinado do Sultão Tahmasp I (1514-1576).

Moritz Stifter (1857-1905)-‘in the harem’

Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)-‘the women of Algiers (in their partment)’-oil on canvas    Paris-Musée du Louvre

Gyula Tornai (1861-1928)-‘a musical afternoon’

Gyula Tornai (1861-1928)-‘oriental smoker with hookah and marabout’

Stanislaus von Chlebowski (1835-1884)-‘Bashi-Bazouk with hookah’


Sights and people by Jules-Alexis Muenier

The Frenchman Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942) worked in Jean-Léon Gérôme’s studio and studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

O francês Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942) trabalhou no estúdio de Jean-Léon Gérôme e estudou na Escola Nacional Superior de Belas Artes de Paris.

Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)-‘the best days’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)-‘cathecism lesson’-oil on canvas-1890    Besançon-Musée des Beaux-Arts et d’Archéologie  

Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)-‘wandering’-oil on canvas-1896    Paris-Assemblée Nationale  

Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)-‘young peasant watering his horse’-oil on canvas  

Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)-‘retired chaplain or breviary’-oil on canvas-1886    Cambrai-Musée  


Rustic genre by Henry John Yeend King

The Londoner Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924) painted mainly rustic scenes from the Victorian era.

O londrino Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924) pintou principalmente cenas rústicas da era vitoriana.

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)-‘gossips’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)-‘afternoon picnic’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)-‘feeding the ducks’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)-‘waiting for the ferry’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)-‘mother pond’-oil on canvas    Private collection


Children dancing

Several painters from different time periods and nationalities left their testimony about children’s dances.

Diversos pintores de várias épocas e nacionalidades deixaram o seu testemunho das danças infantis.

Carl Massman (1850-1929)-‘Children dancing’-oil on canvas

József Ferenczy (1866-1925)-‘round dance’-oil on canvas

Federico Oliva (fl 1830-1920)-‘children at play’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Ferdinand Julius Wilhelm Laufberger (1829.1881)-‘the blind cow game’-oil on wood-1865

Apollon Mokritsky (1810-1870)-‘Roma-Italian women on the terrace (tarantella)’-1846


Being a woman by Eva Gonzalès

Eva Gonzales (1849-1893), a French artist of Spanish origin, painted women of her time in various situations.

Eva Gonzalès (1849-1893), francesa de origem espanhola, pintou as mulheres do seu tempo em várias situações.

Eva Gonzalès (1849-1893)-‘afternoon tea or on the terrace’-oil on canvas-1875    Private collection

Eva Gonzalès (1849-1893)-‘on the boat’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Eva Gonzalès (1849-1893)-‘a box at the Italian theater’-oil on canvas-1874    Paris-Musée d’Orsay  

Eva Gonzalès (1849-1893)-‘morning awakening or the dream (detail)’-oil on canvas-1876 n   Bremen-Kunsthalle

Eva Gonzalès (1849-1893)-‘little lever’-oil on canvas- ca 1876    Private collection


Swedish trees by Johan Krouthén

The Swedish artist Johan Krouthén (1858-1932) painted landscapes from his country, where trees, especially fruit trees, predominate.

O sueco Johan Krouthén (1858-1932) pintou paisagens do seu país em que predominam árvores, principalmente de fruto.

Johan Krouthén (1858-1932)-‘spring landscape from Ryd’

Johan Krouthén (1858-1932)-‘flowering spring garden’-1932

Johan Krouthén (1858-1932)-‘blooming fruit trees’

Johan Krouthén (1858-1932)-‘chickens on a village road’

Johan Krouthén (1858-1932)-‘gardening with blooming apple trees’


Voluptuous women by Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter

The German Orientalist painter Edouard Frederic Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913) devoted many of his themes to unoccupied and voluptuous women.

O pintor orientalista alemão Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913) dedicou muitos dos seus temas às mulheres desocupadas e voluptuosas.

Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913)-‘in the harem’-oil on canvas

Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913)-‘the Sultan’s amusement’-oil on canvas

Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913)-‘draper’-oil on canvas

Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913)-‘the eavesdropper’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844-1913)-the final decision’-oil on canvas