Hermitage, P. and N. van Bloemen

There are some paintings in the St. Petersburg Hermitage by the Brothers Pieter and Norbert van Bloemen, born in Antwerp.

Dos irmãos Pieter and Norbert van Bloemen, naturais de Antuérpia existem algumas pinturas no Hermitage de São Petersburgo.

Pieter van Bloemen (1657-1720)-‘camp’-oil on canvas

Pieter van Bloemen (1657-1720)-‘manege outdoors’-oil on canvas-1712

Norbert van Bloemen (1670-1746)-‘genre scene’-oil on canvas-ca 1670

Norbert van Bloemen (1670-1746)-’peasant family at table’-oil on canvas-ca 1670

Norbert van Bloemen (1670-1746)-‘peasants playing cards’-oil on canvas-ca 1670


Sea themes by Claude J. Vernet

Some of the motifs used by the French artist Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789) were about the sea world.

Os temas marítimos foram alguns dos empregados pelo francês Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789).

Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)-‘a seaport’-oil on canvas    London-National Gallery

Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)-‘a sea-shore’-oil on copper    London-National Gallery

Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)-‘a landscape at sunset’-oil on canvas-1773    London-National Gallery

Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)-‘a shipwreck in a stormy sea’-oil on canvas    London-National Gallery

Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)-‘calm sea with setting sun’-oil on canvas-1748    Lille-Palais des Beaux-Arts


Voltaire by Jean Huber

The Swiss artist Jean Huber (1721-1786) created some themes related to Voltaire, all of them exhibited at the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg.

O suíço Jean Huber (1721-1786) criou alguns temas relacionados com Voltaire, todos eles expostos no Museu Hermitage de São Petersburgo.

Jean Huber (1721-1786)-‘Voltaire taming a horse’

Jean Huber (1721-1786)-‘Voltaire plant trees’

Jean Huber (1721-1786)-‘Voltaire in a convertible’

Jean Huber (1721-1786)-‘Voltaire on the stage’

Jean Huber (1721-1786)-‘Voltaire in a chess table’


Embarkation by Claude Gelée

Among other themes, the French artist Claude Gelée aka Lorrain (1600-1682), painted the boarding of several significant characters.

O francês Claude Gelée, aka Lorrain (1600-1682), entre outros temas, pintou o embarque de várias personagens.

Claude Gelée aka Lorrain (1600-1682)-‘seaport with embarkation of the Queen of Sheba’-oil on canvas-1648    London-National Gallery

Claude Gelée aka Lorrain (1600-1682)-‘the embarkation of Ulysses’-1646 Paris-Musée du Louvre

Claude Gelée aka Lorrain (1600-1682)-‘seaport with the embarkation of Sainte Ursula’-oil on canvas-1641    London-National Gallery

Claude Gelée aka Lorrain (1600-1682)-‘coast scene with the embarkation of St Paul’-ca 1655    Birmingham-Museums and Art Gallery

Claude Gelée aka Lorrain (1600-1682)-‘Carlo and Ubaldo in pursuit of Rinaldo’-oil on canvas    Cambridge-University (St Catharine’s College)


Moors by Philips Koninck

The Dutch Philips Koninck (1619-1688) painted extensions of ground with no crops except for some scarce trees.

O holandês Philips Koninck (1619-1688) pintou extensões de terreno sem qualquer cultura além de escassas árvores.

Philips Koninck (1619-1688)-‘an extensive landscape with a hawking party’-oil on canvas    London-National Gallery

Philips Koninck (1619-1688)-‘Dutch viewed from the dunes’-oil on canvas    Dresden-Gemäldegalerie

Philips Koninck (1619-1688)-‘panoramic river landscape’-oil on canvas-1648    Private collection  

Philips Koninck (1619-1688)-‘wide river landscape’-oil on canvas-ca 1648    New York-Metropolitan Art Museum

Philips Koninck (1619-1688)-‘an extensive landscape with a road by a ruin’-oil on canvas-1655    London-National Gallery


17-18th century landscapes

Real or imaginary landscapes have always been themes that please artists in all time periods.

As paisagens, reais ou imaginadas, foram sempre temas de muito agrado em todas as épocas.

Francesco Zuccarelli (1702-1788)-‘landscape with the training of Bacchus’-oil on canvas-1744    Los Angeles-J. Paul Getty Center

Laurent de La Hyre (1606-1656)-‘Diana and Nymph’-oil on canvas-1644    Los Angeles-J. Paul Getty Center

Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruisdael (1628-1682)-‘two watermills and an open-lock’

Marco Ricci (1676-1730)-‘river and figures’

Jan Griffier the elder (1652-1718)-‘view of Rhine’-oil on panel


Denmark sights by J. J. Juel

The Danish artist Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802) painted themes about his country.

O dinamarquês Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802) pintou temas do seu país.

Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802)-‘view over the Lesser Belt’-oil on canvas-1800    Copenhagen-Thorvaldsens Museum

Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802)-‘landscape near Oresund (Sound)’-oil on canvas-1800    Niva-Nivaagaard Museum  

Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802)-‘a late evening after sunset. Twilight’-oil on canvas-ca 1780    Private collection  

Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802)-‘view from Faergelunden’-oil on canvas-1782    Odense-Funen Art Museum

Jens Jorgensen Juel (1745-1802)-‘view of Gamborg on Fyn’-oil on canvas    Private collection


Vienna by Franz von Alt

The Austrian artist Franz von Alt (1821-1814), son and brother of painters, left scenes from the capital of the Habsburg Empire.

O austríaco Franz von Alt (1821-1814), filho e irmão de pintores, deixou temas da capital do Império Habsburgo.

Franz von Alt (1821-1814)-‘Vienna’-watercolor

Franz von Alt (1821-1814)-‘Vienna, view from Volksgarden (public garden) to Parliament’-watercolor-1880

Franz von Alt (1821-1814)-‘Vienna, Votive Church’-watercolor-1889

Franz von Alt (1821-1814)-‘Vienna, the City Park’-watercolor-1866

Franz von Alt (1821-1814)-‘Heldenplatz in Vienna facing the Leopoldine wing of the Hofburg’-watercolor on paper-1882    Private collection


Mountains by Albert Rieger

The Austrian artist Albert Rieger (1834-1905) painted mostly scenes of mountainous areas.

O austríaco Albert Rieger (1834-1905) pintou principalmente cenas de zonas montanhosas.

Albert Rieger (1834-1905)-‘mountain’-oil on canvas-ca 1905    Private collection

Albert Rieger (1834-1905)-‘mill on the mountains’-oil on canvas

Albert Rieger (1834-1905)-‘Alpine landscape’-oil on canvas

Albert Rieger (1834-1905)-‘the gathering storm’-ca 1905

Albert Rieger (1834-1905)-‘a watermill in a mountainous landscape’


Cambridge colleges

The colleges of Cambridge University were painted by several artists in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

Os colégios da Universidade de Cambridge foram pintados por vários artistas nos séculos XVII e XIX.

William Westall (1781-1850)-‘King’s college and Clare college, Cambridge from the river Cam’-ca 1830    Cambridge-Anglesey Abbey

Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899)-‘King’s college, Cambridge’-oil on canvas

Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827)-‘Quadrangle of King’s college, Cambridge’

Richard Bankes Harraden (1778-1862)-‘west front of the new building of St John’s college, Cambridge’-watercolor    Private collection

Joseph Murray Ince (1806-1859)-‘St John’s college, Cambridge’