Kids by Théodore Gérard

The Belgian artist Théodore Gérard (1829-1895) devoted many paintings to children and young people.

O belga Théodore Gérard (1829-1895) dedicou muitas pinturas às crianças e jovens.

Théodore Gérard (1829-1895)-‘the newborn child’     Private collection

Théodore Gérard (1829-1895)-‘the promenade’-oil on panel-1867     Private collection

Théodore Gérard (1829-1895)-‘the center of attention’-oil on panel-1872    Private collection

Théodore Gérard (1829-1895)-‘the midday break’-oil on canvas-1873     Private collection

Théodore Gérard (1829-1895)-‘farewell’-oil on canvas      Private collection


Religiousness by A. Legros

The British artist Alphonse Legros (1837-1911) painted religious Catholic motifs which show women from Brittany.

O britânico Alphonse Legros (1837-1911) pintou motivos religiosos católicos onde se notam mulheres da Bretanha.

Alphonse Legros (1837-1911)-‘women in prayer’-1888

Alphonse Legros (1837-1911)-‘blessing the sea’-oil on canvas-1872

Alphonse Legros (1837-1911)-‘Calvary’-1874     Paris-Musée d’Orsay

Alphonse Legros (1837-1911)-‘the calling of St Francis’-oil on canvas-1861     Alençon-Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle

Alphonse Legros (1837-1911)-‘an apology’-oil on canvas.ca 1868     Paris-Musée d’Orsay


In the tavern by A. Brouwer

The Flemish artist Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638) painted scenes that took place inside taverns.

O flamengo Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638) pintou cenas ocorridas em tabernas.

Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638)-‘the slaughter’-oil on panel-ca 1630     Schwerin-Staatliches Museum

Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638)-‘the card players’-oil on panel     Antwerp-Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten

Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638)-‘interior of a smoking room’-oil on wood-ca 1630     Paris-Musée du Louvre

Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638)-‘card players peasants in the tavern’-oil on panel-ca 1630     München-Alte Pinakothek

Adriaen Brouwer (ca 1605-1638)-‘drunken peasants in the tavern’-oil on panel-ca 1630     Rotterdam-Museum Boijmans van Beuningen


Encounters by H. von Aachen

The German artist Hans von Aachen (1552-1615) painted encounters of Greek mythology beings.

O germânico Hans von Aachen (1552-1615) pintou encontros de seres da mitologia grega.

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615)-‘the judgment of Paris’-oil on canvas     Birmingham (Alabama)-Museum of art

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615)-‘the judgment of Paris’-oil on panel-1588     Douai (France)-Musée de la Chartreuse

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615)-Pan and Selene’-oil on board-1605     Private collection

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615)-‘the rape of Proserpine’-oil on canvas-ca 1590     Sibiu (Romania)-Muzeul National Brukenthal

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615)-‘the amazement of the gods’-ca 1590     London-National Gallery


New Zealand by A. Earle

The British Aartist ugustus Earle (1793-1838) conceived scenes that occurred in the South Pacific, namely in New Zealand.

O britânico Augustus Earle (1793-1838) concebeu cenas ocorridas no Pacífico sul, nomeadamente na Nova Zelândia.

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘village of Parkuni, river Hokianga’-lithograph-1838

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘female penitentiary or factory, Parramatta’-watercolor-ca 1826     Private collection

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘the meeting with the wounded chief Hongi, bay of Islands’-handcoloured litograph

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘native village and Cowdie forest’-lithograph-1838

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘war speech’-lithograph-1838


Russian Rivers by I. I. Levitan

The Russian artist Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900) painted rivers of his country.

O russo Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900) pintou rios do seu país.

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900)-‘the silent monastery’-1890     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900)-‘after the rain, Plyos’-oil on canvas-1889     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900)-‘the Volga. A calm day’-oil on canvas-1895     Private collection

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900)-‘barges on the Volga’-oil on canvas-1889     Novgorod-The Art Museum

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900)-‘on the Volga’-oil on canvas-ca 1887     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery


Buildings by C. H. J. Leickert

The Belgian artist Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907) showed various types of building constructions.

O belga Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907) mostrou vários tipos de construção.

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907)-‘near Haarlem’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907)-‘a busy market in a Dutch town’-oil on panel     Private collection

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907)-‘Lomer’-oil on panel     Private collection

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907)-‘a river in Summer’-oil on panel-ca 1853     Private collection

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907)-‘a village along a river, a town in the distance’-oil on canvas-1880     Private collection


Coastline by G. Fischhof

The Austrian artist Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914) painted seaside motifs.

O austríaco Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914) pintou motivos à beira-mar.

Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914)-‘coastline’-oil on canvas- ca 1914     Private collection

Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914)-‘Dutch harbour’-oil on canvas- ca 1914     Private collection

Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914)-‘Dutch harbor view’-oil on canvas- ca 1914     Private collection

Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914)-‘scene from Capri’-oil on canvas- ca 1914     Private collection

Georg Fischhof (ca 1859-1914)-‘Southern view’-oil on canvas- ca 1914     Private collection


Villagers by M. Schoevaerdts

The Belgian artist Matthias Schoevaerdts (1665-1723) was attracted by the villagers’ lifestyle.

O belga Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1723) sentiu-se atraído pela vida dos aldeãos.

Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1723)-‘villagers conversing by a ruined church’

Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1723)-‘festival in a country village’

Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1723)-‘a village kermesse with figures making merry, archers playing a game beyond’-oil on panel

Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1723)-‘peasants selling fruit before a series of windmills’-oil on copper     Private collection

Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1723)-‘an extensive river with travelling theatrical troupe’-oil on copper     The National Trust for Scotland


History of France (episodes)

Several painters represented important episodes in the history of France.

Diversos pintores representaram episódios importantes da história de França.

Attr Philippe de Mazerolles ( -1479)-‘Queen Isabella of Bavaria in procession Paris (22 August 1389)’-illumination on parchment    London-British Library (Harley 4379, fol 3-
Jean Froissart; Chroniques)

French school (18th century)-‘Venetiam ambassador Alvise Mocenigo in Paris on January 1709’-oil on canvas     Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

Charles Parrocel (1688-1752)-‘Mehemet Effendi, Turkish ambassador, arrives at the Tuileries, on 21st March 1771’     Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

Louis-François, baron Lejeune (1775-1848)-‘the entry of Charles X into Reims, 6 June 1825’      Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

D. Vassiliou (20th century)-‘Greel military units in the Victory Parade in Arch de Triomphe, Paris 14 Jully 1919’     Athens-National and Historical Museum