War and peace by François Biard

The French artist François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882) painted scenes of war and peace.

O francês François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882) pintou cenas de guerra e de tempo de paz.

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-‘at the Post Office’-oil on canvas     Private collection

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-‘on the deck during a sea battle’-oil on canvas-1855     St Petersburgh-Central Naval Museum

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-‘the passage of the Line’

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-‘picnic’-oil on canvas     Private collection

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-‘the bath of canotières’-oil on canvas     Private collection


Villages by Konstantin Kryzhitsky

The Ukrainian artist Konstantin Yakovlevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911) painted villages he knew about.

O ucraniano Konstantin Yakolevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911) pintou aldeias suas conhecidas.

Konstantin Yakolevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911)-‘Zvenigorod’-oil on canvas-1895     Arkhangelsk-Regional Museum of Fine Arts

Konstantin Yakolevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911)-‘village in Ukraine’-oil on canvas-1889    

Konstantin Yakolevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911)-‘returning from the fair’-oil on canvas      Vladimir-Suzdal Historical Architecture and Art Museum

Konstantin Yakolevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911)-‘the farmyard’-1856     Cherepovets-Art Museum

Konstantin Yakolevich Kryzhitsky (1958-1911)-‘fishing village on the Dnieper river’-oil on canvas-1885     Chelyabinsk-State Museum of Fine Arts  


Ukraine by Iosif Krachkowsky

The Ukrainian artist Iosif Evstafiev Krakowski (1854-1914) represented themes he was familiar with.

O ucraniano Iosif Evstafevich Krachkowsky (1854-1914) representou temas seus conhecidos.

Iosif Evstafevich Krachkowsky (1854-1914)-‘a melon field’

Iosif Evstafevich Krachkowsky (1854-1914)-‘in the hay field’-oil on canvas

Iosif Evstafevich Krachkowsky (1854-1914)-‘a wheat field’

Iosif Evstafevich Krachkowsky (1854-1914)-‘view near Lubni, Ukraine’

Iosif Evstafevich Krachkowsky (1854-1914)-‘Ukranian evening’


Spain by Joaquín Agrasot

The Spaniard Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919) painted motifs of his country.

O espanhol Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919) pintou motivos do seu país.

Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919)-‘fair Valencia’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919)-‘musketeers sitting outsider a cantina’-oil on canvas     Alicante-Museo de Bellas Artes

Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919)-‘-‘two inhabitants of the Valencia Huerta’-oil on canvas-1880     Madrid-Foundation on Banco Santander’

Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919)-‘a rest during the bullfight’-watercolor on the paper-1881     Malaga-Museo Carmen Thyssen

Joaquín Agrasot y Juan (1836-1919)-‘in a tavern’


Shakespeare’s theatre by William Hamilton

The British artist William Hamilton (1751-1801) painted scenes of Shakespeare’s plays.

O britânico William Hamilton (1751-1801) pintou cenas de peças teatrais de Shakespeare.

William Hamilton (1751-1801)-‘as you like it’-oil on canvas-1790     Brighton-Hove Museums and Art Galleries

William Hamilton (1751-1801)-‘the Tempest’-oil on canvas-1790     Brighton-Hove Museums and Art Galleries

William Hamilton (1751-1801)-‘twelfth night-act V, scene 1’-oil on canvas     Bath-Theatre Royal

William Hamilton (1751-1801)-‘a winter’s tale’-oil on canvas     Birmingham-Museum and Art Gallery

William Hamilton (1751-1801)-‘a winter’s tale-act II, scene 1’



Public infrastructures promote social welfare.

As infraestruturas públicas promovem o bem-estar social.

Jean Anthony Gareminjn (1712-1799)-‘market in Bruges’-1778

Antonio Diziani (1737-1797)-‘bridge’-oil on canvas     Venezia-Cá Razzonico

Johannes Bosboom (1817-1891)-‘view of Utrecht’-oil on panel     Private collection

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (1796-1875)-‘a village street, Dardagny’

Richard Pokorny (1897-1997)-‘Graben in Vienna’


Rural scenes by Vladimir Orlovsky

The Ukrainian artist Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914) painted the rural areas of his country and of Russia.

O ucraniano Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914) pintou o mundo rural do seu país e da Rússia.

Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914)-‘Crimea. river’-1868

Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914)-‘landscape’-oil on canvas-1882     Omsk-Museum of Fine Arts

Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914)-‘pasture’-oil on canvas-1890     Private collection

Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914)-‘Summer’-oil on canvas-1877     Private collection

Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky (1842-1914)-‘landscape with marsh’


Mental illness

Mental illnesses are manifested in all time periods, only etiology and treatment have changed.

As doenças mentais são de todos os tempos, só variaram a etiologia e o tratamento.

Pieter Brueghel the Elder (ca 1525-1569)-‘mad Meg’-oil on panel-ca 1552     Antwerp-Museum Mayer van der Bergh

Auguste-François Biard (1799-1840)-‘madness of Charles VI, king of France’     Leipzig-Museum der Bildenden Kunst

Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)-‘self portrait (the desperate man)’-ca 1845     Private collection

Tony Robert Fleury (1837-1912)-‘Philippe Pinel, releasing lunatics from their chains at the Salpêtrière’

William Hogarth (1697-1764)-‘the tortured poet’-oil on canvas-ca 1730     Birmingham-Museum and Art Gallery


Seaside by Rufin Sudkovsky

Russian Rufin Gavrilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885) painted seaside scenes.

O russo Rufin Gravilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885) pintou temas à beira-mar.

Rufin Gravilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885)-‘seashore’-oil on canvas-1885     Chelya binsk-Regional Picture Gallery    

Rufin Gravilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885)-‘Odessa pier’-oil on canvas-1885     Tallin-Museum of Foreign Art in Kadriorg Palace    

Rufin Gravilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885)-‘at the beach’-oil on canvas-1882     Irkutsk-Regional Art Museum    

Rufin Gravilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885)-‘seascape’-oil on canvas    Stavropol-Regional Museum of Fine Arts

Rufin Gravilovich Sudkovsky (1850-1885)-‘Ochakov pier’ oil on canvas-1884     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery


Girls by the sea by August Hagborg

The Swedish artist August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921) painted scenes showing girls’ activities by the sea.

O sueco August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921) pintou diversas atividades de jovens junto ao mar.

August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921)-‘the fisherman’s story’-oil on canvas     Private collection

August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921)-‘conversation by the sea’-oil on canvas     Private collection

August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921)-‘girls gathering oysters, Brittany’-oil on canvas     Private collection

August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921)-‘väntan (waiting)’ -oil on canvas     Private collection

August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg (1852-1921)-‘fishing girls in Brittany’     Private collection