Rome by F. Kaisermann

The Swiss artist Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833) painted different places of Rome and its surroundings.

O suíço Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833) pintou diferentes locais de Roma e seus arredores.

Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833)-‘triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome’    Private collection

Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833)-‘from Tivoli across the Tiber valley at sunset’-watercolor-1813

Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833)-‘castle Orsini-Odescalchi and lake Bracciano’

Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833)-‘peasants harvesting grapes’-watercolor    Private collection

Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833)-‘peasants fishing’-watercolor


Norway by A. C. Nielsen

The Norwegian artist Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932) painted places of his country.

O norueguês Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932) pintou locais do seu país.

Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932)-‘fjord party’-oil on canvas-1890

Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932)-‘from Rognaldvag in cheek’-oil on canvas-1867

Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932)-‘evening on the coast’-oil on canvas-ca 1930

Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932)-‘fjord with haystacks’-1870    Private collection

Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (1838-1932)-‘morning at Ny Hellesund, southern Norway’-oil on canvas-1885


Huts by S. I. Vasilkovsky

The Ukrainian artist Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917) painted villages of his country.

O ucraniano Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917) pintou aldeias do seu país.

Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917)-‘village street’-oil on canvas

Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917)-‘Cossack house’-oil on canvas

Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917)-‘spring day in the Ukraine’-oil on board     Stavropol-Art Museum

Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917)-‘on the outskirts of Poltava’-oil on board     Poltava-State Literary Museum

Sergey Ivanovich Vasilkovsky (1854-1917)-‘Ukrainian village’-oil on board     Private collection


Sailboats by W.van de Velde

The Dutch artist Willem van de Velde (1633-1707) painted several scenes of sailboats at sea.

O holandês Willem van de Velde (1633-1707) pintou diversas cenas de veleiros no mar.

Willem van de Velde (1633-1707)-‘calm: Dutch ships coming to anchor’-oil on canvas-ca 1670     London-Wallace collection

Willem van de Velde (1633-1707)-‘calm sea’-oil on canvas-ca 1670     Private collection

Willem van de Velde (1633-1707)-‘calm sea’-oil on canvas    München-Alte Pinakothek

Willem van de Velde (1633-1707)-‘ships in a calm sea’-oil on canvas-1653     St Petersburg-Hermitage

Willem van de Velde (1633-1707)-‘a Dutch ship at anchor’-oil on canvas-ca 1660     Private collection


Lazio and Campania by J. More

The Scottish artist Jacob More (1740-1793) painted themes linked to the Italian regions of Lazio and Campania.

O escocês Jacob More (1740-1793) pintou temas ligados às regiões italianas do Lácio e da Campânia.

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘a distant view of Rome across the Tiber’-oil on canvas-ca 1774     Adelaide-Art Gallery of South Australia

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘mount Vesuvius in eruption’-watercolor     London-Tate Gallery

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘roman ruins’-watercolor     London-Tate Gallery

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘Tivoli, cascatelli’-watercolor-1778     London-Tate Gallery

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘Tiber estuary’-oil on canvas-1784     Cambridge-St Catharine’s College


Clothes washing

The motif of washing the clothes, in different social layers, has been treated by several painters throughout the epochs.

O tema da lavagem da roupa nas camadas sociais tem sido tratado por diversos pintores em várias épocas.

Elin Kleopatra Danielson-Gambogi (1861-1919)-‘in the sun’-1900

Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘washerwomen, Seville’-oil on panel-ca 1885    Private collection

Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)-‘laundry drying, Petit Gennevilliers’-oil on canvas-1902     Köln-Wallraf-Richartz Museum

Helen Allingham (1848-1926)-‘hanging the washing’

Thomas Liddall Harmitage (1800-1900)-‘washing day’-oil on canvas    Private collection


Rivers by C. L. Agricola

The German artist Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719) painted motifs connected with rivers.

O germânico Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719) pintou temas relativos aos rios.

Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719)-‘a river with anglers in the foreground and travelers on a path beyond’-gouache on paper     Private collection

Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719)-‘a river with figures constructing an aqueduct beside waterfalls, oriental figures and camels’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719)-‘a wooded river’     Private collection

Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719)-‘a river with figures angling and a village beyond’-gouache on paper     Private collection

Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667-1719)-‘bandits shooting at travellers’-gtouache      Private collection


Rio de Janeiro by Thomas Ender

The Austrian artist Thomas Ender (1793-1875) joined the Austrian Mission to Brazil that accompanied the Archduchess and future Empress Leopoldina (1817-1818).

O austríaco Thomas Ender (1793-1875) integrou a Missão Austríaca que acompanhou ao Brasil a Arquiduquesa e futura Imperatriz Leopoldina (1817-1818).

Thomas Ender (1793-1875)-‘Rio de Janeiro’-watercolor

Thomas Ender (1793-1875)-‘Guanabara’-watercolor

Thomas Ender (1793-1875)-‘Santana square’-watercolor

Thomas Ender (1793-1875)-‘fountain at Moura square’-watercolor

Thomas Ender (1793-1875)-‘Mata-porcos quarter’-watercolor


Germany by A. W. F. Schirmer

The German artist August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866) painted themes about his country.

O germânico August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866) pintou assuntos do seu país.

August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866)-‘view from Manor House Klein-Glienicke on the Neugierde to Potsdam’-watercolor

August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866)-‘view of farmhouse Klein-Glienicke by the Berlin-Potsdam chausee’-1824

August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866)-‘southern coastline’     Private collection

August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866)-‘Potsdam, Roman baths’

August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (1802-1866)-‘Berlin Klein Wallstrasse, garden side of the building Schadow’-oil on canvas-1838


West Indies by Agostino Brunias

The Italian artist Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796) devoted part of his work to themes about the West Indies.

O italiano Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796) dedicou parte da sua obra a temas das Índias Ocidentais

Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796)-‘washer women’-ca 1760     Kingston-National Library of Jamaica

Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796)-‘linen market, Dominica’

Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796)-‘free Women of Color with their children and servants’

Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796)-‘Carib natives’

Agostino Brunias (ca 1730-1796)-‘the Barbadoes mulatto girl’